Elk Hunts


Our majestic North American Elk has thrilled Cavemen, Indians, and Pioneers, and now it can be your turn to feel that same excitement of a giant hard horned bull coming in range.

Our family has always hunted, and will treat you as we like to be treated. We are always excited by an approaching bull elk. We will do our best to make your hunt a hunt filled with great memories.

Your Stay Includes a Two – Four Day or more Fully Guided Experience and Lodging. Meals and Housekeeping are optional. No License Required. We welcome archery , muzzle loaders and rifle.

Our Elk pursuits take place in heavy oak timber and scattered grassy fields. Adjoining fields of clover, alfalfa, and row crops make a perfect setting for a large elk! We provide excellent located tree stands and ground blinds. We only cater to one group per week so the attention you receive will not be divided.

  • 5×5 Bulls, Scoring up to 250 start at $5,000. These bulls make an excellent experience. A mounted 5×5 may be just right for your den. Their hide is excellent for tanning.
  • 6×6 Bulls, Scoring 200 to 300 start at $5,000 – $8,000. A bull like this is great for mounting and makes for excellent meat. These young bulls carry exceptional racks from our genetically superior herd sires.
  • 6×6 Bulls, Scoring 300 to 350 are $7,000 – $10,000. If you’re looking for an adult bull, we should have the type of bull you need. We are proud of our genetics in these bulls! What a pleasure. Let him talk to you some morning in the fog, and you will enjoy a great experience.
  • Bulls scoring 350 and above start at $8,000-$12,000 and up . We have had a 100 % success rate on our elk. Bow hunters should schedule a week for hunting. Tips are not included but appreciated.

Our Elk herd is located on a 140 acre prime elk habitat. We assist you in any way we can to guarantee your success. We want you to be successful in taking home the trophy of your dreams! Expect several days of hunting. If you are unable to make a kill you may return at a later date or we will refund your cost minus $1000 for lodging and clean-up expenses. (Meals and housekeeping do not apply.) *Drawn blood or wound is considered a kill.
Stories From the Field…

Rosie & Dave,
We harvested an exceptional Roosevelt Elk at Trophy Ridge Ranch October 2009; Sunday we prepared the great room for the new addition and in doing so we wanted to formally thank you for the excellent experience that Trophy Ridge Ranch provided. The accommodations were excellent a gourmand experience. The total experience of hunting Trophy Ridge Ranch with the Wells family was wonderful and we look forward to future adventures. We want everyone at Trophy Ridge Ranch to know how much we appreciated the hard work that made our experience so enjoyable.

Jacques & Brendy Drumheller

Dave and Rosie,
We picked up the Roosevelt Elk from the taxidermist and we were preparing to hang the mount on the wall of the Great Room; Jacques had called to share with Dave the magnificence of the Roosevelt Elk and the perfection of the taxidermist work. We reminisced about the quality of our hunting experience at Trophy Ridge Ranch; the hospitality of the Wells Family and friends making us more than welcome. The accommodations were excellent as was the dining experience. As we have hunted at Trophy Ridge Ranch before and each experience is heightened with excitement of the hunt and the professionalism of the guide. We wanted to thank all of you at Trophy Ridge Ranch for an exceptional hunting excursion and a magnificent Roosevelt Elk.

Sincerely, Jacques & Brendy Drumheller