Red Stag Hunts


Hunting a Red Stag hunt is a grand adventure if you enjoy Whitetail or elk hunting. They are as elusive as Whitetail with a rack that can be as massive as an Elk. They seem to be constantly alert for predators an at times are only seen in low light. This is the most prized European big game animal on that continent.

The Red Stag hunts should be scheduled for no less than four days. We hunt the stag from blinds and tree stands using the same equipment as you would use for deer or elk.

Pricing for Red Stag Bulls Bulls start at $7,000. This type of bull may be sporting a five by five rack.

Large bulls are $7,000 to $14,000. Trophy fees are never charged.

Bulls start the rut in September. Hunting during the rut is best if you are a bow hunter. Their grunt (bugle) has a prehistoric sound. These bulls are hunted much like Whitetails.

They are elusive, and make for a great lifetime hunting experience! Tips are not included by appreciated.